We are an independent restaurant located in Eccles offering traditional Latin dishes in a relaxed atmosphere

Latin culture is very much based around food and family and our goal is that La Republica becomes a space that encourages this combination.  The best way to discover a culture is through the kitchen and by creating delicious and bold dishes we want to inspire those who have never tasted our cuisine, to give us a try… and for those that enjoy Latin food, to join us and be part of our extended family.

Our speciality is food from the Dominican Republic, using staples such as plantain, cassava and fresh herbs and spices to offer dishes such as Mofongo and Sancocho, as well as weekly specials where we will showcase the best of Latin America!

Our aim is that La Republica be a place for families to come and dine,  friends to come for drinks… or a game of dominos… or cards… kids and grandparents to be able to spend time together, enjoying good old fashioned conversation and great food.