A little introduction into who we are, what we are doing.. and how you can help us and be part of what we hope will be an exciting journey !


We are Junior and Amaia and we are passionate about Latin food, Latin drinks, Latin music…. In fact, everything Latin!  Junior grew up in the Dominican Republic and has always had a flair for homemade traditional cooking. Amaia comes from a hospitality background and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen…. and bar! Coming from large families we have always entertained friends and family at home and are happiest when at the hobs. 

Having lived in the Dominican Republic for some time, we recently returned to the UK and missed, not only the traditional Latin American food, but also a space where friends and family, young and old, could get together and experience Latin hospitality.  We have always enjoyed a challenge so decided to embark on creating such a space – where we will offer traditional homemade dishes in a relaxed informal atmosphere where everyone is welcome.  

We want to create a place for families to come and dine,  friends to come for drinks… or a game of dominos… or cards….kids and grandparents to enjoy spending time together along with good old fashioned conversation and great food!. 

Latin culture is very much based around food and family and our goal is that La Republica becomes a space that encourages this combination.  The best way to discover a culture is through the kitchen  and by creating delicious and bold dishes we want to inspire those who have never tasted our cuisine, to give us a try… and for those that enjoy Latin food, to join us and be part of our extended family. 

Our experience in the hospitality industry has encouraged us and we believe will make La Republica a success, added to the immense support we have received from friends and family as well as the Latin community In Manchester.  We have taken on premises in Eccles, and are aiming to open in summer 2019 with the last few months having been spent sourcing ingredients, from local and Latin American suppliers as well as trying out variations of our dishes. All our dishes are made using traditional methods and fresh authentic ingredients to ensure we are true to our roots. We are carefully refurbishing the premises, putting out personal touch to make La Republica a home from home and creating a space to allow for us to hold events, dance classes, live music and even exhibit art from our guests… a hub for Latin culture… accompanied by great food and drinks.

We are now at the last hurdle and in order to finish on schedule and open in summer as planned, we are looking to raise £10,000.  As well as our food being homemade, we have also wanted to make our own furniture, including the domino tables as it's important to us that the restaurant has our stamp on it… La Republica will be our second home, but also, we hope,  that of our guests.

Whilst we are carrying out the refurbishment ourselves (with the ever so appreciated help from friends, family and anyone else we can rope in!), the £10,000 will cover the cost of the materials for the refurbishment and also the furniture we are making…. If we are able to raise any additional funds, we would very much like to better kit out the kitchen and external areas. We are using domestic appliances at present but would be more efficient if we were able to acquire industrial equipment. These additional works are not essential at the moment and would be part of plans for improvement in the future, if we are able to do all the works at once we will be able to concentrate on the most important thing which is our food!  

Thank You!

Junior & Amaia

By crowdfunding, we want to engage the local community and encourage people to feel like part of our family…. Joining us on the journey and enjoying the final destination. Unlike a loan from a bank where repayments are only monetary in value, by crowdfunding, we are hoping to return a product that will inspire the community to get together and share their experiences.  As a thank you, and in return for your pledges,  we want to repay your support with what we know best, food, music and overall fun experience!  We have also kindly been donated some prizes which we will offer as rewards and will update as and when we receive them.  We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received – big and small  - and we will be adding to this page regularly with updates so you can all see how the project is developing! 

Our crowdfunding campaign will be live at the end of May. If you would like to ​ contribute to our project please head to  https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/la-republica-manchester